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sins of my youth.
26 August
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MELISSA 22. born august 26 in portland, or. now lives in minnesota, moving to new jersey for graduate school. earned degree in political sciences (international studies) and history. working on masters in diplomacy and international relations.

++ stubborn, opinionated, loyal, judgmental, outgoing. has an ego and will wholly admit to it.
+loves chocolate, finishing books, making lists, the rain, new clothes, discovering new musicians/bands, fantastic hair days, sarcasm, verbal tete-a-tetes..
+hates spiders, bugs in general, homophobes, bad drivers, slobs,, rudeness.

+fandoms: pushing daises, battlestar galactica, star trek (reboot), grey's anatomy, robin hood, pride & prejudice, gossip girl, mad men, twilight (occasionally), true blood, legend of the seeker.
007, 80's movies, aladdin, anne hathaway, annie hall, archery, atonement, audi, audrey hepburn, autumn, bad lifetime movies, baileys, ballet, banana republic, bbc miniseries, bbc-produced films, beauty and the beast, being sarcastic, blake lively, books, bright colors, british accents, cadbury chocolate, cafés, caribou coffee, casino royale, cedric diggory, christian bale, chuck bass, cinderella, classic books, classical music, coldplay, daffodils, daisies in bloom, dan stevens, dan/serena, daniel craig, don draper, dream team, dressing up, driving, ed westwick, edward cullen, edward/bella, enchanted, entourage, ernest hemingway, european accents, european films, everwood, fashion, football (soccer), foreign languages, franz ferdinand, garden state, gilmore girls, gladiator, gossip girl, grace kelly, gregory peck, grey skies, grey's anatomy, ha jin, hairspray, harry potter, history, howie day, hugh jackman, indiana jones, james bond, james mcavoy, jane austen, javier bardem, john mayer, jon mclaughlin, josh kelley, katharine hepburn, keane, keira knightley, korean films, labyrinth, lee pace, liberals, listening to the rain, literary adaptations, long hot showers, mad men, madeleine l'engle, making lists!, marion cotillard, marit larsen, memories from italy, men in well-tailored suits, michael buble, movies, muse, music, my ipod, my massive movie collection, my violin, natalie portman, north & south, oregon, patrick dempsey, persuasion, politics, pop art, portland, pride & prejudice, pushing daisies, rain, reading, regency era, robin hood, roman holiday, romance, rugby, scottish accents, scottish men, sense and sensibility, shopping, soccer, st. patrick's day, star wars, state of play, sting, tete-a-tetes, the bbc, the goonies, the hives, the police, the prestige, the raconteurs, the shins, the sopranos, the tudors, three-piece suits, thunderstorms, twilight, wasting time on youtube, wes anderson, winnie the pooh, woody allen films, world war i, world war ii